Led stair screen

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he LED stair screen is rich in space, creative magnetic attraction maintenance, seamless splicing, led stair screen installation process, higher definition LED floor tile screen, 3.91mm lamp bead spacing, smaller spacing, 65536 points per square meter, higher definition, so as to capture every detail, image quality and enjoy professional structural design

As a digital floor product, the LED stair screen adopts a solid and durable sheet metal structure design, which has strong compression resistance. The epoxy resin mask design has high wear resistance, so that it can be directly trampled on the ground. The overall sealing structure heat dissipation design is used to realize fast disassembly and assembly, making it easy for customers to install and maintain, In the application of the modified product, combined with virtual software technology and interactive software technology, AR, VR and other interactive functions can be realized to create extraordinary and excellent virtual scene effect

L store, located in the designated Plaza in central, Hong Kong, introduced the design element of LED stair screen as early as 2015. The most eye-catching design in the store is led stair screen. The professional design of LED stair screen is adopted in the center of the store to connect the underground, ground and first floor in a scroll style. The screen constantly plays wonderful images to provide guests with a perfect luxury experience, It is also a luxury brand in L's global field

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